Wedding reception, church and special occasions are the perfect places and events to showcase your fashion game and elegance. In Nigeria these places and celebrations call for the best of fashion and styles. We addon the best of attire. Fancy lace fabrics and the good old African print fabric have become a staple choice for many.

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Lace fabrics have a timeless charm that has transcends generations making them a preferred choice for for stylish ladies at any occasion or events.

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In this post, we will be bringing to your screens, the latest and fascinating occasions styles of all types of fabrics. Talk about sample fabric styles, lace fabrics styles, Ankara and other African print fabric styles, brocade, damask fabric styles, silk and intricate satine fabric styles as well as duchess and other classy and unique fabric styles. The idea is to serenade you with the latest fashion inspiration for your next big event or celebration.

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Long gown styles are the most ubiquitous amongst stylish ladies in churches and classy occasions. There are definitely trending. One of the most common gown style is the mermaid silhouette or fish tail gown.

This gown is sewn to hugs your hips thus bring out the curves. This is achieved by tapering the fabric at the knee level and then opening up below the knee and then flares out to the floor thus creating a beautiful and elegant effect.

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Apart from the elegant fish tail gown styles, A-line gown style is another popular style commonly seen at wedding and other events. The style is often fitted at the top or upper bodice part and flares out at the waist to give that A-frame shape to the wearer. This style is perfect timeless look style you should try out this season.

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