Trending gorgeous brocade and damask fabric styles for stylish ladies. Let's check them out here.

Brocade has been a very popular fabric here in Nigeria since ages past. Recall our parents have been wearing them since the 70s as I can remember. Say it goes no and off trend is a usual characteristics of most unique fabric of it's type.

For those that may not know it, brocade is a rich silk fabric that usually have flowers or other fancy designs embroidered on it to sort of raise up those designs. Similarly, damask fabric is a reversible heavy rich silk material that got it name from it country of origin Damascus.

Rocking these fabric in style has become a regular at parties recently. Truth is they are very beautiful when touched by a good tailor. Often made gorgeous by the type of style you choose to make with it.

Brocade and damask styles are unique. They are worn by stylish ladies to wedding parties, others owambe parties, church and special occasions, They are also excellent as Aso-ebi materials. So why not make your choice today.

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