We can boldly say braided hairstyles are among the oldest way to style your hair. For many years African women all over the world have been using braids to protect their beauty from environmental damage as well as show off their heritage and fashion imaginations.

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Bear in mind that you braids should not necessarily last more than eight to ten weeks. If you leave your braids in for too long, you may end up not reaping the benefits of protective styling. Again, if your braids becomes too long on your head, instead of gaining length, you may end up with hair loss due to excessive breakage.

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It's our hope that this amazing collection of trending box braids hairstyles will get your inspiration and make you begin to express your creativity by choosing one of these sophisticated but not so hard to recreate hairstyles.

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How to style your box is dependent on the length and volume you’re going for. The number of hair packs you’ll need will definitely vary. When packing your hair, bear in mind that you are likely to get a different look depending on the hair you choose to work with.

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The way to style your hair is one of the ways to get that extra height( top secret- thank me later).

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