Let’s start with the over 25 amazing outfits in this collection already. It will interest you to know that trending styles today are sewn and designed to be long. That is to say that long gown styles are trending.

Trending lace or African print fabric long dress styles often comes with either straight or flared bottoms (mermaid style. Whereas the upper bodice usually come in many design options. Popular amongst which is the trending corset tops. Sleeves and neckline often makes the difference. There are is varieties, long, short or otherwise. You can click here to see the latest gorgeous and fabulous sleeves and neckline styles.

One unique thing about Nigeria gorgeous parties guests outfits is that they are usually characterized by brilliant textiles such as lace and/or vibrant Ankara or anyother beautiful African print fabric. They are often accompanied by the traditional female headdress, Gele. Gele has always been a unique assessesory to our unique attires and even Aso-ebi

As fashion and styles lover, and indeed if you consider yourself still in vogue and would want to turn heads. Turning heads although is no longer rocket science, many women still don't know that website like stylishnaija.com have the answers to fashion and styles inspiring dresses.

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