Rocking varieties of beautiful African braids with beads are fascinating protective hairstyles. Beading your braids could involve tribal braids decorated with colourful, clear or even wooden beads of different sizes and shapes..

The beading your braids can be on any type of stylish African braids hairstyles, and range from kinky braids, box braids, fulani braids to cornrows, distressed locks, stitch braids, knotless plaits, etc are not left out.

Beaded braids are becoming more appealing to many stylish ladies. It said that beading your braids is a modern elevated version of the traditional Fulani tribal African hairstyles.

You may be wondering what all the fascinating hype regarding this hairstyle. What and how could I rock them beautifully, what have we being talking about? Scroll down and check out this beautiful collection of trending styles. Feast your eyes on some of the enchanting beaded braids hairstyles we have selected for your today.

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