One of my most favorite hairstyle any time any day is the twists hairstyle. I mean any twist at that. It could be passion twist, kinky twist or crochet twist. I just love it rock them by all means. One thing about twist hairstyles is that I think they are pretty easy to fix in and take out at any time.

As I have stated above, there are many different types of twists you can treat your hair to. That is to you have a choice. It is interesting to note that African twist braids come in various sizes and styles. Again you have a choice.

Popular twist hairstyles amongst stylish ladies in Nigeria are small size individual twists, thick Marley twists, or bob twists with cuffs. It is important that you know what works best on you before making your choice.

The exciting thing about twist is the fact that it keep your hair stretched, moisturized, and tangle-free.

Depending on your stylists, passion twists are not so difficult to make. To many, it is easier and faster to install than cornrows.

Let's now check out some beautiful twist hairstyles you should see and consider next time you need to fix your hair.

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