Latest fascinating boubou styles. Trendy boubou styles you should see and consider.

Boubou or bubu can be described as a long flowing gown worn by mostly women in African countries especially in west and southern Africa. They are especially popular in countries like Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal. They are often not fitted to your body.

Trendy boubou style can be made using any available fabrics such as the Ankara fabrics, regular or dry lace fabrics, Adire fabrics, crepe, silk and chiffon fabric, etc. depending on your choice.

Gorgeous buobuo kaftan styles can be worn to major events and ceremonies. They are also very ideal for church and other religious places. Most African ladies rock them to anywhere.

Boubou gown styles comes in varieties of trendy designs. There are short sleeves, long sleeves and three quarters sleeves styles. They also comes in a v neck, round neck, turtle neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder Boubou styles and indeed any design you can think of.

There are designs that are called rich auntie boubou styles and there are even female Danshiki designs and female agbada bubu designs. The choice is yours to make.

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