Hello stylish ladies, here we are again. Today's collection are the latest gorgeous aso ebi lace and Ankara styles. They constitute what we call the perfect fashion as they are well fitted clothes and one would that creative designers made them just by merely looking at them.

When thinking of what to wear to church or preparing for an event what readily comes to mind is what am I rocking? It can be ankara fabric, lace or other fabric and you also consider if it can be rocked in several types of styles.

Whether you choose to rock skirt and blouse, iro and buba, cute short gown, elegant long gown, Kaftan. In all what actually matters is that your choice looks good on you and you love what you are wearing so you can look elegant and comfortable in them.

In all of these you don’t want to hear stories by giving your fabric to just any tailor, you need to step up your game and ensure that you give it to a good fashion designer like stylish naija tailors to recreate these styles for you perfectly.

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