I just heard that women with fascinating and classy hairstyles are a major “weakness” of many men. Hmm on wonder, every stylish African lady always make heads turn as they arrive.

The hairstyles you wear has a lot to do with your fashion game. Whether you opt for Ghana braids, passion twist, cornrow braids, Fulani braids, box braids or just style you natural hair stylishly or low cut.

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The length of your braids is a choice you should make by yourself. Although, long braids are very beautiful and attractive if you ask me. However when you talk of long braids, you should consider it's exact length. Maybe you want your braids to graciously reach your waistline or even longer, let’s say, the butt length, long braids offer a full range of superb hairstyles, showing off your “extended treasure”.

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One stylish and trending way to slaying your long braids is to loose them on both sides over your shoulders and then place a stylish hat on top or a printed head kerchief to make you stand out of the crowd.

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Did I hear you say the African braids are a gift for natural hair?. Modern hairstylists have made traditional African hairstyle a whole brand new trend: nowadays, it’s one of the most stylish and enviable hairstyles ever. In this post, we want to share with you some inspiring ideas of trending African braids.

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