Hello beautiful African ladies, here is another amazing collection of trending hairstyles you will love to make this season. In this post, I will be recommending at least 20 fascinating box braids hairstyles you should try out when styling your hair.

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Box braids or poetic justice as it is called in some other places always looks beautiful on any African woman no matter your hair length, texture or choice of color.

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Box braids is obviously trending. It is a beautiful and very versatile hairstyle that is made by stylish ladies who likes to look good always. This braids can be worn anytime of the year and to anywhere whether to occasions/owambe or indeed work places.

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Averagely, box braids can last between eight to ten or even twelve weeks. Although I don't recommend wearing your hair longer than ten weeks. This is so because the roots of your hair will become matted due to product build-up over time and it can be quiet difficult to detangle your hair at that time. When installing box braids, make sure that your hairstylist do not braid the edges of your head. You should ensure that edge defining gel is used to gel those edges down.

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To enjoy box braids, make sure you fix your braids properly, maintain your hair while in braids and deep condition your hair after you take them takedown.

One good thing about box braids hairstyles is that it protects your hair. It doesn't damage it as long as the you do not install it too tight and they are not too heavy to the extent that they put a lot of pressure on your scalp, then you shouldn’t end up damaging your hair.

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