The origin of Ghana braid dates as far back as 500 B.C. ever since then, they have increasing become prominent amongst Africans and indeed black women around the world.

This modern time, several women from all ethnic divides are deliberately rocking this beautiful braids styles with pride and it again popularity more and more. Take from me Ghana long braids hairstyles looks splendid and great on women of all ages and class. It's one unique hairstyle that doesn't select. Interesting, you can adorn it in several ways - with beads or flowers, rubber bands and indeed any way you choose to.

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Ghana Braid Hairstyles are also known as Banana cornrows in some areas, this beautiful hairstyle use extensions that touches the scalp. You will need to consider this long cornrow braids styles this season.

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This style which is also known as straight all back is considered as one of the best protective hairstyle for women who have naturally curly hair.

In this post we have selected different Ghana braids styles you will love to rock. With the pictures here, you will see that any women can rock long braids hairstyle with pride.

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