Occasions and party guests styles in Nigeria and indeed across the African continent have evolved with time and over the years, it has transcended cultural boundaries and it is even now becoming a prominent feature in major league and global fashion run ways.

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In recent times, there has been a notable shift towards modern contemporary fashion designs that incorporates other modernity with the creative traditional styles we used to see. Creativity is the watch word. Globalization has a lot of influence on the way we do things no doubt.

Modesty in fashion has always been a pride of the African woman. Although this is being sacrificed in modernity, it is gradually gained momentum and making a return once again.

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Contemporary occasions styles such as wedding guests styles and Aso-ebi styles are increasingly embracing modesty as a celebration of the beauty of our culture and tradition fashion and styles.

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The return of trending longs sleeves, high necklines, floor-length hemlines, and the gradual fading away of mini dress styles, deep cut front or side slits owambe styles is a testament to to this. .

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