Flounce or frill on a dress is an exaggeration . It is a wide strip of fabric gathered and sewn to a skirt or dress. It could be the same or a different types or colour of fabric. They often used at the hemline or side. and help exaggerate the character you want to portray for your dress. These days flounce are used in an part of a dress. They could run across in Zig zag manner or on a straight line depending on how you want it.

Flounce dress have being trending for some time now and everytime we keep seeing new and fascinating styles you will love to have.

In this post collection we bring you trending and fascinating flounce styles. That's flounce gowns, flounce on skirt and flounce sleeves. Amazingly there is no bounds on what fabric to use them.

Beautiful Ankara flounce styles are ubiquitous same with lace and satin fabric. Be inspired as you scroll through this amazing collection of beautiful styles.

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