Two piece styles are trending. They are often made up of top and trouser styles or tops and skirt styles for ladies. Numerous designs and patterns are evolving everyday. They can be styled into numerous outfits such as a long gown- like tops, short or cropped top, Bubu like tops, and accompanied with either fancy skirt or palazzo trousers trousers.

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In this collection, we will be presenting to you, the latest two pieces top and trouser styles for ladies this season.

When it comes to comfortable fashion, the styles you will see here are amongst one of the most patronized forms of African styles and fashion these days.

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This beautiful style of top and trouser styles for ladies are considered a very comfortable outfit to wear. They can be worn to numerous functions such as a corporate outfit, a casual outfit, and also an outfit you can wear to attend a birthday party.

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The material used to make them are often characterized by its shimmering appearance, making them elegant outfit for ladies.

Crepe, flower satine, chiffon and silk fabric are some of the most widely patronized fabrics for this style.

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In all the type of accessories you pair your outfit with matters a lot. Accessories helps to upgrade your outfit’s beauty hence putting you in the limelight always.

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