Bubu, buobuo or kaftan maxi gowns - the choice is yours. The fact is that this dress style is one of Africa’s oldest design and it's still trending till date.

A typical African ladies Bubu can be described as a long, loose gown worn by women. One major characteristics of this beautiful style, which is also it's advantage is the fact that it successfully combines modern and traditional fashion trends in one simple but classy outfit.

The bubu Kaftan style is a traditional Senegalese outfit that is worn by men and women throughout sub saharan Africa, as well as diasporas in Europe and the America.

It is interesting to note that Bubu Styles can be worn at any time and to anywhere. Owambe, Parties and Occasions are not without elaborate bubu gown styles these days. In the same vein, bubu gown styles are ubiquitous in churches, work and business places. Not to say that the are even as common as aso-ebi styles as have mentioned.

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