Let me start by asking who would have thought that the Ankara fabric that used to be a traditional attire wore in our villages would now be so vivid in international runways of major fashion weeks. It's now a wardrobe must have for every stylish woman world over.

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Lately, ankara and indeed African print fabric styles is also gradually metamorphosing into a corporate outfits with very deverse styles, designs and patterns emerging on the shelves everyday. So many choices and varieties depending on what you have in mind to make with it.

This fabric has technically taking over the African fashion space. It has now become the signature for many international fashion designers. So many ladies are now proudly going for it.

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It important to emphasize that although Ankara itself is beautiful when sewn to fit and when you sew the style that is right for you, Accessories further plays a crucial role in elevating the elegance of your Ankara outfits.

For those that knows, and can pull it off, unique statement necklace, a pair of bold earrings will enhance the neckline of any outfit.

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