The yorubas have their ancestral root in the southwestern part of Nigeria. hence the southwestern part of Nigeria is predominantly Yoruba speaking region. They are known for their rich cultural heritage and for their affinity for parties popularly known in that part of the world as Owambe.

The affinity of the people for flamboyance and luxury lifestyle is electrifying and second to none in Africa. No wonder those two popular words that now pervades the social lifestyle of the Nigerian space "Aso-ebi " and "Owambe" originate from there.

ALSO READ Amazing and gorgeous asooke Styles for traditional marriages.

Traditional marriages also known as engagement parties are mainly with done in their traditional Asooke attire. A fabric which originally originates from that part of the world though now international. The styles made out of this amazing fabric has evolved over time.

In this post we try to bring you a pictorial X-ray of how you can style this amazing fabric for your traditional wedding through Inspirations from pictures of other people's traditional wedding.

Let's go through them.

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