Crochet braids are a some of the most protective hairstyles for stylish African ladies. You should consider them for your next outstanding look especially this season.

Crochet braids come in a wide range of pre-styled options with various thicknesses and textures, this it gives you options to create the braided look of your dreams. Fixing crochet braids doesn't really take much time.

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When fixing, the first thing is to braid cornrows onto the scalp. This helps to form the foundation . Next is to thread the hair attachment/ extension by using a crochet hook. This process give you options to style them to your taste, whether with passion twists or box braids. You can try different hair colors without causing any damage to your natural hair.

One great way to style crochet braids with protective style that is versatile and stylish is box braids.

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Box braids is my favorite hairstyle. This is so for so many ladies I know including many celebrities and style icons. This hairstyles have a box-like appearance, hence the name. They can be styled in various lengths, thicknesses as well as color and accessories. You can decide to wear them up or down depending on your preference. One fun thing about crochet box braids is they can be premade, which helps you save your valuable time and money.

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