In this two parts video, we shall be learning how to draft, cut and sew a trending corset dress.

IThe focus for this episode is a gorgeous corset that can be used for traditional Marriage attire. However a good understanding of this video will make you to be able to cut and sew any corset dress whatsoever.

This video as I said earlier is divided into two parts. The first part deals with how to cut a trending corset starting with pattern.

In this video you will learn how to draft a corset dress styles for start to finish. It is so simplified that anybody at intermediate sewing level will grab it easily like a piece of cake.

Watch the first part Here.👇👇👇

The second video deals essentially with the sewing of this style.

watch the second part here.👇👇👇

Here you will learn how to sew a trending corset dress using boning. That is to say you will see how to create boning chambers as well as how to cut and attach drape to the skirt part. You will also see how to add back loops.

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