Hello, Beautiful ladies, mothers and wives. This is for all of us. Trendy Styles Inspirations for Fashionable Wives and Moms.

You know we always have you in mind. We have always stressed that the typical African woman is a hard worker. Combining work, business and family life is not a piece of cake.

This selection of latest trending and stylish dress styles is intended to inspire you and help your quick decision in your next outfit.

Here we have amazing collection of beautiful lace, Ankara and other fabric types styles. Talking about Fashionable dress styles for women of class and style.

We have here styles you can rock for any purpose and fits. You will see here amazing pictures of well-designed styles for church, work, business meetings, parties/Owambe, shopping and picnicking. Let's see them

Church ready style

Business Minded Women style

owambe and church ready

Business and money making on my mind.

Chic and Smart

Free spirit and chic. I can't con and kill myself


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