Tie and dye textile also known as Adire in this part of the world is the indigenous fabric design originally made predominantly in Ogun state in southwest, Nigeria by indigenous Yoruba women, using a variety of weather resistant dyeing techniques.

Today, adire fabric now have a modern look. It is now trending across Nigeria, Africa and amongst African in diaspora. The fabric is also loved by African American women who loves to associate with Africans.

Amazing styles can be made with your beautiful Adire fabric. A lot of ladies enjoy rocking Adire bubu gown styles although these days all types of styles can be made with your Adire fabric.

In this post you will see amazing and fashionable styles such as fascinating skirt and blouse styles, top, dazzling kimono Jacket styles, amazing trousers and knickers, adire short and long gown styles, adire boubou styles jumpsuits, play suit and lots more.

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