Weekends presents different things to different people.
It may mean a time to relax and stay away from the hustle of the week.
It could be a time to party- some Owambe starts from Friday evenings. Wedding bells rings loudest on Saturdays. Birthday bashes, galas, shindigs, balls all at weekends
It could also mean a time of shopping to others.
For us in the fashion world it could mean a time to ‘Dress down’ that is if you have no occasion to attend or a time to bring it all out – ‘Dress up’ and nail it down.
Whether you want to ‘dress- up’ or ‘Dress-down’, what’s important is that you look good and stylish.
Today, we shall be showing you some beautiful, elegant, chic and yet fabulous looks to rock your weekend stylishly.
What stylish naija is showcasing today, are styles you can wear for shopping, picnics, or just visiting a friend.
Just take a look;

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