Aso-ebi styles varies in fabric depending on choice, mood and type of owanbe or celebration. Such fabric could either be lace, African print -Ankara, silk or chiffon. What ever fabric you choose, the most important thing is that it fits. Styles could be Flamboyant or just simple and smart and comfortable. Your style choice could be influenced by the nature of the party you want to attend.

At an owanbe late last year, l met an old friend who told stylish naija she normally likes to gauge an occasion to know what style to wear. In her words, ''I don't like to be over dresses or under dressed for a party". But to the fashionista, looking good is good business - flamboyance and elegance dressing is what makes you stand out and gives you that status of a fashionista.

There are some who believes that you don't have to be Flamboyant to be noticed in a place. Mrs Adeyinka is one of such. She told stylish naija that she is a head turner at any party. She said " as for me I wear right - not necessarily flamboyant but simple and loud colours. She went further to say "I wear colours such as yellow, leamon, and orange - and that were I'm spacial; not many people can wear these colours". Miss Nneka (a middle aged lady in her 30s) to stylishnaija that she doesn't give a dam on what party " I wear elaborate and flamboyant styles to whatever party." As to the fabric all our respondence believe that except the celebrant has a specific fabric, a fabric well styled will do for any owanbe.

Let have a look at today's collection.

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  • Grace says:

    Some of this styles are gorgeous. How do l connect to you? And do you deliver outside Nigeria?