I understand that being fashionable in the workplace can be a bit tricky at times. I know everyone wants to be cute and classy and there's the challenge of trying to fit within the office dress code. There's the challenge of trying to balance being taken seriously in the office and also bring in your personal style.

As much as I know we're in the hot season and we all want to to be comfortable and cool. We must also be mindful that there are some things we must never bring or wear in the workplace.

I've seen some people standing in front of a meeting room with their panty line showing. That's just not a good look enough. When choosing your office wears, especially those fitted gowns or pencil skirt, make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments. Wearing an ill-fitting underwear can easily ruin the nicest outfit. Go for under garments that can help give you extra lift or tuck.

I maybe old skool, I believe tight clothing shouldn’t be worn to the office under any circumstances when you are not going on a party. Although baggy clothing can make you look sloppy and unkempt. There’s nothing like rocking clothes that are tailored to fit. It gives you a more polished look.

In conclusion, make sure you have the essentials like a good-fitting bra for your size or shape, nude and black camisoles, and seamless underwear. These often come handy when choosing the most appropriate dress for your regular office fashion.

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