Making the right choice of the second dress by brides to be, could be quite difficult. Although most brides simply choose based on their budget, others go out of their way to make the day a memorial.

Today, stylishnaija presents an array of colourful and elegant second dresses for today's bride.

But first here are some tips to help you make your choice. In choosing your second dress :-

First consider your comfort. Remember you will be wearing your dress for several hours. So make sure that you can sit, stand, dance, and breathe in it to ensure that you're not uncomfortable .

The general rule is to wear what fits your shape. Of course you know the shape you look best in.

Often, an A-Line dress, full skirt dress or sheath work perfectly fine for a second dress.

Be mindful of the length of the dress. A bridal gown for a second dress can be short, but should not be shorter than knee-length. Shorter than knee length is an inappropriate dress length for older guest

When choosing a dress, look for one that suits your personality but that still reflects your knowledge that this is

Finally, it is important to note that your second dress could be any colour of your choice. Any colour that represents your personality or mode.

Lets walk you through today's collection.

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