This collection of beautiful aso-ebi/Owambe Styles to Slay with a friend will inspire you to make your day a memorable one.

Make it a date to remember with a friend. Owambe parties are always more fun packed when you slay with a close friend or family member.

The fun actually starts when you both approach the designer with the same fabric just to end up making different choices in the selection of styles. It is often said that no two people always have the same sense of fashion just as it is in every other issues of life.

Because curves varies, sizes are not the for two close friends, it then becomes difficult to make the same choice of style. In other cases, slay queen enjoys it when they both appears in the party with different styles.

At Stylish Naija the mirror is in the sun and it reflects all shades.

Lets check out this collection of fabulous and Elegant styles for owanbe /parties and aso-ebi.

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