Style inspiration for traditional wedding in Nigeria

Peradventure your traditional wedding is approaching and you are wondering on what to wear for your day, I have put together a collection of attire to inspire you.

Traditional weddings is one step you take in life, this is usually a moment of great joy for both the couples and the parents and this is an institution that has been ordained by the Almighty God, this is why it is taken seriously.

This is a time of cultural display and costume, outfits for this occasion are always very spectacular and splendid, and this display always deals with blending of colors

In Nigeria traditional weddings is a big deal this is because it is compulsory for couples to have a traditional wedding even if they don’t have money for a white wedding. this is the period where the grooms parents visits the girls family with dowry and loads of gifts for the new in-laws to be.most times the grooms family tries so much to impress the girls family in order not to be seen as not been able to take care of the new wife

Usually the bride and grooms outfit usually plays a very great role, in the traditional wedding ceremony; usually choosing the outfits for the marriage ceremony is usually done with advice from both parents,this is because most times both families always agrees on rocking different colors for the  traditional marriage ceremony.this is where a display of their different cultures come into play.

Traditional wedding is taken very seriously in Nigeria because the brides family don't just give their daughter to any one but she is presented to the grooms entire family and the grooms family then receive her and welcomes her to the family.

That is why i have put together this collection to inspire you for this glorious day

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    Wow oh my goodness this are beautiful and perfect outfits collections.