Blouse designs are evolving and ever improving. As one of the oldest fashion styles for women, blouses are always changing and becoming better as time changes.

At times one just but marvel at the trend of development and improvement in this style of dress. Blouse these are not as simple as they used to be.

Embellishing blouses with other fabrics of different textures, colours and other fashion accessories are very common in today's styles. For example a modern Ankara blouse is usually embellished either plan patterns or lace fabric or tulle. This also applies for modern lace blouse. Tulle, organza and other accessories such as buttons and Flounce are used to add beauty and colour to the blouse.

Pattern tracing in another form embodiment of today's blouse styles. This is very common with Ankara blouses even though some lace blouses are used for this too.

Other forms of trendy blouse styles are blouses decorated with biases stripes pattern to bring out the beauty.

Other blouse styles abound. Lets check out this collection

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