Looking for what to wear and you'll be gorgeous and yet stylish even to church? Look no further here are some styles for you.

There are styles that you can wear to church and there are styles that cannot be worn even near the house of God. That's why in this post stylish naija has assembled styles that are fit for church and also styles that you can wear to some special occasions.

Please note the difference. Styles are for different purposes. For instance you cannot wear an illusion neckline style to the church but it is very adequate as wedding guest Styles. Also styles that tends to exposed part of the legs. I mean deep as slitted Styles or transparent lace or other fabric materials may not be ideal for church wears.

You will also agree with me that there are styles that are ideal as wedding guest Styles but definitely not ideal as styles for 70 years old birthday party or a 50 years wedding anniversary so we must understand the difference as ladies..

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