The popular African print fabrics or ankara are distinctive textiles with a wide range of purpose. Ankara fabric has gradually become the silent identity of many African women at home and in diaspora. It is a universal fabric already with it's exquisite colors, patterns, and designs.

The attire is widely worn throughout Africa and beyond. Before now, wearing an Ankara dresses to work can be challenging, But today, there are many smart and fashionable methods to be stylish and classy with your well made and styled ankara fabric.

So for a sophisticated and yet stylish look, consider making Ankara style mixed with plain fabric. Free or high-waisted design flatters will add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Consider making an Ankara dress for a chic corporate ensemble. Don’t forget to complete the look with matching accessories such as belt or necklaces earrings.
The secret to pulling off a corporate Ankara ensemble is to keep it both elegant and understated at all times.

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