To many stylish ladies, dressing for hot weather can be somewhat challenging. This is because you want to remain as fashionable as can be but do not want to sweat profusely when the sun gets too scorching.

When the weather is hot, we tend to dehydrate and rehydrate more often than not.

you don’t know what to wear when the weather is hot, wear light dresses. They are the best fabrics to be worn during hot weather. This is because heavy and sophisticated styles stick to your body and accumulate sweat. Ankara is a cotton fabric such cotton are great to help you remain cool when the weather is hot

The best to do during hot weather is to know what to wear when the weather is hot and how to incorporate them into your dress plan for the week.

Heat season may not necessarily be for sleeveless dress always. You can also consider off shoulder Ankara styles. So instead of seeing the heat as an avenue to opt for sleeveless clothing all the time, why not use it to add new styles, colour and design to your wardrobe.

During this period, the heat outside could make you instinctively contemplate going out without clothes. That’s not possible, you know, except you want to end up in an asylum.

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