If you looking to rock an amazing hairstyle but don't want your hair in your face for certain reasons, then this beautiful collection of stunning updo braids is for you. You can try out some of the latest and most fascinating braids updos we have selected here.

The world of hair trends is already witnessing a fusion of classic elegance and futuristic elegance and giving a nod to both vintage and cutting-edge innovations and creativity. Talking about a beautiful collision of styles that transcends time and creates a visual feast for the fashion-forward African woman

Keeping your hair in check with tightly braided hairstyles at the back and sleek combed hair at the front is what this post is all about.

Trying shorter natural hair is a great base for some gorgeous braided updos, like the ones you will see here. A thick braid from extensions that comes straight up to the top of your head along your hairline and wraps cozily at the nape is a neat and beautiful style you’ll love to wear for a while. Trust me.

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