Hair braiding is a form of art and like every craft, there’s always room to improve your technique and designs (style). This is why many stylish African women likes to put their personal twist to their braid hairstyle.

In this collection of trending hairstyles we will be bringing you some of the latest and most fascinating Ghana braid hairstyles and a little information on somethings you need to know about Ghana braids.

Though Ghana braids and waving are often done in the same method of braiding as cornrows, the major difference between the two is that with Ghana braids require you may require to add extensions into your braids to make them longer and thicker.

One braids hairstyles idea that can step up your hair braiding game this season and stand you out of the crowd is to get familiar with feed-in braids: A method that creates an illusion of natural, thicker, and longer cornrows, by feeding synthetic hair into natural plaits.

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